A Scout's Mission
Quest Information
Type Normal
Start Sentry Wei
Wellspring Village
(425, 659)
End Sentry Wei
Level 18
Location Sparrowmark Beach
Rewards Coins (3000)
Exp (5000)
Spirit (1150)
Reputation (2)

A Scout's Mission is a Level 18 Untamed quest from Wellspring Village. Travel to the waypoint and return.

Walkthrough Edit

Find the Feral Ursog Camp (374, 674). In amongst the rolling hills just to the south of the shoreline, there is a small deserted village. The Ursog camp is just east of there, marked by sharpened poles in the ground as defenses, and a cave entrance with a wooden door. The quest completes as you draw near. Return to Guard Wei, making sure you have empty inventory slots. A Scout's Mission