An Archer is a Winged Elf class that, of course, deals in long range combat. Archers are difficult for some people to play, considering they have to keep away from a monster while still making sure it doesn't walk away and heal. Archers are very limited in their weapons of choice, and they have to keep up with ammunition. Weapons of choice: Bows, crossbows, and slingshots. It may be hard to stick with an archer at first, as they do not get very good skills till later on, and can only fly for a limited time, unlike clerics.

The most popular build for Duskblades is the same as for all Light-Armor-designed classes (Archers, Assassins and Duskblades): one point of Strength per level, with the rest in Dexterity

Archer Player Guide Edit

Archer Background

If you like to kill from a distance or keep your enemies from hitting you, you might want to be an archer. You will have a variety of skills that freeze, stun, knockback, and attempt to keep you and your enemies separated. Archers, as might be expected, must finish off their opponents before they close to melee range or suffer a 50% damage reduction in the damage of their ranged skills when in melee combat

You will have to exercise similar discretion to Arcane Armor classes when in squads; too much damage, and dangerous physical damage attackers will be dealing large amounts of damage to you. Whether this is too much damage for the Cleric to heal, and you die, or merely more damage than is necessary, draining the Cleric's resources and the squad's time, it is to be avoided at all costs. Moreover, Archers, like Wizards and Psychics, lack an irreplaceable squad utility spell like Venomancer's Amplify Damage and Purge and Mystic's Resurrect

In PvP, Archers have a similar advantage against Arcane Armor classes as their fellow Winged Elves the Cleric class. Clerics also deal the physical damage at range that both takes away the Arcane advantage and hurts its weakness, but they also have high magic resistance; Archers' Light Armor is resistant to magic, but not as much as Arcane