Base armor without bonuses can be bought from any Tailor merchant. However, better, one-star player made armor is often sold at the Auction House for the same price, and two or three-star armor with much larger bonuses are often quite affordable also.

Quests only rarely give equipment awards, but the few that do are especially worth looking out for. The equipment awarded is always at least one-star armor or weapons with bonuses.

Robes Edit

Robes are a universal garment; the bonuses may determine their best suitability for a particular character build, but in general they all give Evasion bonuses as standard. Thus they are listed first, as anyone may consider using these quest rewards.

  • Cape of Faint Coldness. Required Level to wear: 33. Reward from Quest: "Too High, Too Cold". Required Level to obtain quest: 33-60. NPC: Celestial Ancient - "World" 470 570(47)

Heavy Edit

Light Edit

Arcane Edit

  • Silk Cape Level 2
  • Cloud Flow Hat Quest: "Memory's Lost Lover". Winged Elf Hsi - "World" 564 688(22). Much travelling between Archosaur and Etherblade - combine it with other quests.
  • Xanadu Hat "Powerful Lord", 51+, Talon Member Chao - "World" 284 567(53)
  • Pants of the Evil. Quest: "Wraith's Main Force", 40-60, Soldier Feng - "World" 637 831(22)
  • Robe of Serpent Lord "Viperion Elite" Count Misfortune - "World" 665 969(25)

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