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Damage dealer
Other dmg
MP / Magic
HP / level
MP / level
5.2 m/sec
High damage, low HP

See Tideborn for the history of the Assassin and Psychic classes

The Assassin class was added by the Rising Tide expansion

Assassins have the highest DPS (Damage Per Second) of all the Perfect World classes.They are one of the best PvP/pker in the game. They are also renowned for their bleeds, shadow jumps, and of course the famous stealth skill. But with great power, comes great drawbacks. The Assassin class is also less enthusiastically known for their low hp, time to reach full damage output, and low defense. Those who can counter these draw backs with killing before they get killed, amazing speed, and evasion are the Assassin class.


The most popular build for Assassins is the same as for all Light-Armor-designed classes (Assassins, Duskblades and Archers): one point of Strength per level, with the rest in Dexterity.

☆Evilstare Dual Daggers at level 69 have an exceptionally high Dexterity bonus of 28-30. They are crafted of a Mold that can only be obtained from the Tideborn Weapon quest or made from Mysterious Chips. Other weapons that can be obtained from the Divine Emissary are in the main good to mediocre, but Evilstare is excellent and rare and thus well worth the extra effort.

☆Ghost Cry Thorn Dexterity bonus 36-38

Notes Edit

  • Bloodpaint: It only affects team members. The description is deliberately or negligently vague; the only reason to say, 'all friendly targets within 10 meters' would be if the distinction of 'team members only' was false, and it in fact affected any friendly players.