Bamboo Village
Bamboo Village
Location Information
Type Village
Level was 6-10, now 24
Bamboo Village Sawfly

L83 Petite Sawfly over Bamboo Village with Lake of the Plume in the background

Bamboo Village is an Elven village in the Bamboo Forest of the Shining Moon, north of The White Ridge and south of the Forest and Lake of the Plume.

A character using Town Portal or Teleport Incense in the White Ridge or Bamboo Forest of the Shining Moon areas will be transported to Bamboo Village.

It is the home of the penultimate Venomancer Pet for air combat, the level 83 Petite Sawfly. The Sawfly used to be level 8, until monsters and quests were changed around to insert an extra 20 levels worth of quests at Celestial Vale

The White Ridge teleports to Bamboo Village