Brave Heart
Quest Information
Type Normal
Start Elder
City of the Lost
(246 ,646)
End Elder
Level 18
Location Silk Ridge
Rewards Coins (3000)
Exp (5000)
Spirit (1150)
Reputation (2)

Brave Heart is a Level 18 Untamed quest from the City of the Lost. Difficult enemies, and travelling a long way to Elf territory. Database entry

Walkthrough Edit

The Elder sends you to an NPC that, although technically within the Dragon Valley zone, is still inside the City. Go up the ramps to the south of the Elder, they curve back around into a tunnel and chamber carved into and under the mountain. There you will find Chen the Referee (240, 651). Go to Wellspring Village and head west for the 5 Darkbreed Wolfkin kills (375, 621), or walk east from the City. The former is more expensive but gives better killing / harvesting enroute, if that is your style. The Darkbreed Wolfkins like to Bring A Friend. Two of them, to be precise. They are hard hitting and even if you are a Venomancer, one of them will always try to be on the pet and one on the caster. Even a level 20 will need help on this one. Luckily there will probably be plenty of folks looking for FB xp outside the Wolves' lair up the hill from the Wolfkin spawn. Team up, or get them to leave one Wolfkin for you and kill the other two.

Return victorious, to the Referee's tale of the Untamed's struggle against evil forces and the Untamed hero Hua the Wolflace's fight against Elven attempts to subjugate the Untamed. Then "Visit the tomb of Hua the Wolflace and feel his eternal might! His tomb is located at a high area, north of Dribbling Spring. From there he continues to watch over the land." Find Warrior's Tombstone (139, 530). Read the inexplicably brief epitaph (perhaps Hua's resting place was kept anonymous for fear of tomb robbers?), and return to the Elder to finish the quest.