Broken Bridge Village
Broken Bridge Village
Location Information
Type Village
Level 6-10
Territory Lost City

Broken Bridge Village is a small Untamed village south of the City of the Lost northeast of the Dribbling Spring. It is on the west bank of the Creeping Stream; on the east bank is the path into Wolf Totem Valley.

The Frogling, an excellent magic-resistant Venomancer Pet, can be captured on its patrol route from the bridge north along the road that follows the west bank of the Creeping Stream and then cuts inland to Lost City.


  1. To Lost City for 200 coin and back for the same price
  2. To Dragon's End high on the plateau, west of the Secret Frostcover Grounds, for 3,000 coins and back for another 3,000
  3. To Gate of Antiquity for 200 coin, same price again for a return trip
Town Portal or Teleport Incense in Desert of Echoes teleports to Broken Bridge Village