Broken Kite
Quest Information
Type Normal
Start Little Daisy
Broken Bridge Village
(227, 554)
End Little Daisy
Level 10
Location Wolf Totem Valley
Rewards Coins (600)
Exp (1000)
Spirit (250)
Reputation (1)

Broken Kite was a Level 10 Untamed quest from Broken Bridge Village. Sadly, it was removed when the Genesis expansion had to collate 20 levels worth of quests into the higher levels. For reasons neither known nor intuitive, Broken Kite did not make the cut.


Little Daisy was playing with a new kite near Creeping Stream when the cord broke. The Kite fell on a scary platform in Wolf Totem Valley. Please get the kite for her.

Walkthrough Edit

Cross the Broken Bridge (which isn't actually broken) to the east of Broken Bridge Village. Continue traveling east along the road until a guillotine with a few broken cages around it (263, 544). This is the scary platform. Using your jump skill, make your way to the top of the platform and click on the broken kite. The collecting animation will run while this happens. Once finished, return to Little Daisy to receive your reward.