Cave of the Vicious
Cave of the Vicious
Winged Elves FB19
Location Information
Type Dungeon (Instanced)
Level 19-26
Location 283 448 Tranquility, Western Shore

Cave of the Vicious is a normal sized instance. It was once the FB 19 for the Winged Elves.

The Poisontail Occultist may randomly be chosen from among the old FB 19 bosses, to be a source of level two Nuema

The iron tablet quest will reward 6000 XP for every party member after killing the boss. At higher levels, players will obtain more experience.

A Bounty Hunter bug that has remained in the game for years says "Thousand Year Spirit in the Cave of the Vicious". The Thousand Year Spirit actually resides in Eden. The quest can be given for both level 80-89 characters, where it is BH I, and 90-100 characters