The Coordinates Assistant is an in-game mechanic that allows you to input coordinates and be directed to where they are. You will see many references to (xxx, yyy) coordinate locations throughout this wiki. These coordinates will show you the exact locations of important NPCs and the general locations of various mobs. Preset locations may be chosen from a list, which varies for each area and the cities within them and the areas within the capital city of Archosaur. Coordinates can be entered into the in-game map system to create map-markers.

Coordinate system1

1 - Click on green icon next to mini-map.

Coordinate system2

2 - Type in coordinates with a space no comma and then click the green arrow.

The player may also hit "Enter" on the keyboard instead of clicking on the green arrow or clicking the "Confirm" button

Coordinate system3

3 - Enter a name and click confirm

Coordinate system4

4 - Highlight name to activate guide arrow

The player may doubleclick on these customized or the standard preset names to immediately begin traveling to those locations. This action will also automatically activate a flying mount if the player has one equipped, unless the chosen location is within a certain distance; roughly equivalent to visual range. Hitting the "Esc" key will, as always, cancel movement, but not the flyer activation.

A popup window appears, and shows the altitude / vertical height of the player; adjusting this during flight, as long as no directional movement keys are pressed, will automatically begin the process of adjusting the player's height to the nearest point of the new value; ie if the player is at 24 height, moving the slider to 25 will take them to 25.1; if the player is at 26 height, moving the slider to 25 will take them to 25.9

This is a very sophisticated system; you can even automatically swim upwards to the surface of water and take flight, if you have entered a height greater than the water surface (which is always altitude 20 in Perfect World and zero in Celestial Vale)

This popup can be moved and will retain its new position until moved again, unlike other similar looking popups such as the Logout popup and Resurrect popup. The popup can also be minimized.