Eternal, Not Happiness
Quest Information
Type Normal
Start Aged Deity
Wellspring Village
(417, 645)
End Aged Deity
Level 18
Location Sparrowmark Beach
Rewards Coins (5700)
Exp (9500)
Spirit (2150)
Reputaion (2)
Common Shard: Citrine, Garnet, Turquoise or Sapphire

Eternal, Not Happiness is a Level 18 Untamed quest from Wellspring Village.

Walkthrough Edit

The Aged Deity at 417, 645 in Wellspring Village might just possibly have given the game away with her nametag, but talking to her, it turns out she is an aged deity. Who would have known? Or rather, she is immortal, but aging in appearance, whereas her old flame, who made her immortal, is only deified. She requests the player fetch the Cup of Just from the Untamed Elder, for its restorative powers, so that she might impress upon the player, and presumably the townspeople and any other mortals she can find, her ravishing beauty. The Elder refuses, and warns that the player has been duped; the Cup is deadly poison to all. Aged Deity has some explaining to do. Those who are granted eternal life tire of it, apparently, which is exactly what those not granted eternal life would like to hear, so that they may think themselves lucky to not have it. The Elder grants AD's request for euthanasia, but woops, where did that Cup of Just go? Would you believe, back near Wellspring Village? And there are 10 of them all of a sudden? And spiders have them. 'Battle Grassland Tarantulaxes on Sparrowmark Beach until you find the Cup of the Just. Sparrowmark Beach is to the northwest of Wellspring Village. Collect Cup of Just 0/10". AD takes the Cup(s). The End.