Gate of Antiquity
Gate of Antiquity
Location Information
Type Village
Level 11-15
Territory Courage Path

Gate of Antiquity is an Untamed village at the eastern end of Wolf Totem Valley on the Courage Path.

Initial Quest Edit

At Level 11, you will receive a system message that tells you that you are now able to visit Gate of Antiquity. Follow the marker to the Guard of the Gate, Courage Path (387, 521) to complete this quest. You will be rewarded with 600 coins, 1000 experience, 250 Spirit and 1 Reputation.

Summary Edit

You can now go to the Gate of Antiquity.
Go to Antiquity: Travel East through the Wolf Totem Valley and talk to the Guard of the Gate at the Gate of Antiquity.

Guard: "Thank you for coming to our aid" Reply: "Good to be here"

Walkthrough Edit

The mostly four legged beasts in the Wolf Totem Valley can be simply avoided if you are careful. This quest will not show up on the main screen when Track All is on, so be sure you track the Guard individually if necessary.

Notes Edit

The Guard also gives the quest One-man Army. Gate of Antiquity has its own Waypoint; get it from Teleport Master Pan.