Heart of a Kid
Heart of a Kid image
Little Daisy
Quest Information
Type Normal
Start Little Daisy
Broken Bridge Village
(227, 554)
End Little Daisy
Level 10
Location Wolf Totem Valley
Rewards Coins (600)
Exp (1000)
Spirit (250)
Reputation (1)

Heart of a Kid is a Normal hunting quest. It requires killing Bucktooth Lynxus in the Wolf Totem Valley until Little Daisy's toy panda is found.


This quest starts in Broken Bridge Village (227, 554). Talk to Little Daisy, and she will tell you that while she was playing with her new toy panda a Bucktooth Lynxus knocked her down and stole it. She asks that the toy panda be found. Bucktooth Lynxus can be found in the Wolf Totem Valley east of Broken Bridge Village.


Walk east out of town and across the Broken Bridge. Once in Wolf Totem Valley, begin killing Bucktooth Lynxus until one of them drops the toy panda. This is relatively easy, although the Bucktooth and Crackpot Lynxus are aggressive, so be careful not to get mobbed. Once the toy panda is found, take it back to Little Daisy and she will reward you.

See alsoEdit

  • Broken Kite: A jumping/retrieve item quest to the same valley, also from Little Daisy