Ogre Blossom
Level 1
Attack Melee
Element None
Family Plant
Health 29
Weaknesses None
Tamable No
Ogre Blossoms are a species of plant considered beautiful by the local population of Etherblade. This plant's beauty however is a lure, similar to a Venus Flytrap. Once its prey is in range, the Ogre Blossom attempts to swallow it whole. Though it can wait for its victim to get within range, the Ogre Blossom can also rapidly move torwards its prey.

Locations Edit

Area Level Amount Notes
Inn of the Eagle 1 15+ None

Involved in Quests Edit

Item Drops Edit

Name Type Requirement Price
Small Healing Potion HP Restore N/A 10
Small Mana Potion MP Restore N/A 10
Lime Stone Vendor trash N/A 120
Grease Material N/A 60
Lucky Card Random N/A N/A
Red Jade Material N/A 30
☆Cloth Hat Gear Level 1 20
☆Meditator's Robe Gear Level 1 20
☆Meditator's Trousers Gear Level 2 40
☆Beast Bone Necklace Gear Level 2 40
☆Meditator's Sleeves Gear Level 3 50
☆White Jade Amulet Gear Level 3 55
☆Guardian Cape Gear Level 4 65
☆Meditator's Boots Gear Level 4 70