Pet Bag is the parent quest of Gather Hay and all subsequent quests that can be completed in order to add more storage spaces for additional hatched Venomancer pet eggs.

Gather Hay Edit

Gather Hay
Quest Information
Type Errand
Start Pet Skill Trainer
Pet Manager
End Pet Skill Trainer
Pet Manager
Level 7
Rewards Increase Pet Bag to 2

Take 20 Fodder or one Cage to the Pet Manager in order to increase the Pet Inventory to 2 slots.

The Pet Bag begins with only one slot, and a second one is obtained for Venomancers in a quest. Additional slots can be purchased at the Perfect World Boutique, or with a quest at the Pet Manager.

Hay for the first quest can be got from only one regular enemy, where previously there were half a dozen :

  • Abyssal Mystery Level 34 508 504 . Water, weak Earth

Then there are a couple of bosses, which offer obviously limited harvesting capability

  • Diabolic Jester Level 30 211 645
  • Terrorclaw Level 31 436 563 . Metal, weak Fire

And then a low level creature at a very low drop rate :

  • Longhorned Carapest Level 20 - 303 482

Low level river-dwelling tortoises still drop Hay, at an even lower rate. The number of creatures dropping Hay was never large, but previously, a handful of other, higher level creatures dropped Hay (link to list below under Links). The price for Hay was rarely cheap, and now it is almost never cheap; at 35,000 for one Hay, the quest costs 700,000 coin: more than an entire day's Jolly Old Jones bounty quests at the highest level.

With one exception, the higher the level of the monster that drops Hay, the more Hay drops per number of kills. Only water-based pets, and characters underwater, can attack the lowest level (8) river-dwelling, water-based tortoises. It seems likely that players will prefer another water pet to the tortoises, even considering that low level spawns leveled higher tend to be more powerful than high level spawns of the same type (See Venomancer Player Guide if this concept is unfamiliar). The tortoise can always be turned back into an egg and disposed of, if its slot is needed. Or wait to kill the level 20+ to 30+ land-based creatures that drop Hay. Or buy Hay at extravagant vendor prices.

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