Heavenly Blaze Sphere

Psychic weapon Level 70
Heavenly Blaze Sphere from Twilight Temple
Damage dealer
Ranged Magic
Earth and Water
MP / Magic
HP / level
MP / level
4.8 m/sec
Debuff, damage reflect
High damage, critical hits

Too many parameters

See Tideborn for the history of the Psychic and Assassin classes

Psychics are, roughly speaking, a combination of the Cleric and Wizard classes. There is, a tradeoff of attack power for this versatility, as with the Mystic class, at least before endgame gear and abilities are considered.

Only Tideborn can be Mystics, as with Assassins. They being their careers in the City of Raging Tides in the far south, in the lands added with the Rising Tides expansion

Psychic's ability to enhance their critical hit chance made them a more popular choice, and the developers felt it necessary around 2015/16 to nerf these abilities (make them less powerful)