Try to Leap
Quest Information
Type Normal
Start Elder
(433, 887)
End Elder
Level 4
Location Etherblade
Rewards Coins (90)
Exp (150)
Spirit (33)
Reputation (3)
Small Charm: Guardian (HP) or Spirit (MP)

Try to Leap is a Level 4 Human quest from Etherblade.

Walkthrough Edit

Start from inside Etherblade, looking out to the south. On the left side, there is a large boulder on the ground, jump ontop of it. From the boulder, jump to one of the protruding ledgesand out to a larger space in the middle of gate. Turn to look left, jump up on the nearby red rooftop, then across to the top of a building. Next, jump onto the next large rock. Now there is a trick to it, the lack of which is what hurts most people : there is an invisible ledge a fair ways off from the rock, try clicking the area around it to walk and go out as far as possible. Finally, jump across, aiming for the top of the tower, waiting until a LITTLE AFTER YOU START FALLING to do the second jump. Timing the second jump is the most crucial part.