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Dubious Edit

  1. The cheats, of course. Telefragging mostly. Or it would be telefragging if it was Quake. I am referring to aggressive monsters spawning on or near you.
  2. Bots. Lots of them. ot player bots, although it seems likely. Game bots. Standing around near Jolly Old Jones. There was a whole line of them standing for days in a row near Four Corners (Dragon Wilderness, valley, Plains, etc), where no one else had any reason to stand. Now they have one that kills like a new level 21 player, but I checked. It was level 49. Who in their right mind would kill level 20 monsters at level 49? And pick up the coins? And leave the blue items. Tis a clever idea, making the game look more populated than it really is. But a cheat.
I may never get to level 89... <got to 100. Tis a game. Sucks to have Demon but I went all Sage anyway, so far>

The concept of it being all just fine to be a Demon is anathema to me. In that respect, Eastern religion is anathema to me. Western cinema and drama in general is no better, but then, why would you expect better? America made an art form out of their Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder-they went straight from World War II movies to cowboy films to cop shows to, now, again, war movies. Star Wars, for a while, had some honor, but then lost quite a bit of it in that muddled villain-worship of the cool Vader, and lost it completely by making the Dark Side playable. Anarchy Online, after a rending expose of capitalist amorality, did the same thing. I have thought through all the arguments about roleplaying and game mechanics, and remain unconvinced that giving up the one thing that remained a true and noble thing, no matter how much it was taken for granted, is a giant mistake. Bad game mechanics have reduced Quests to a grind; little remains of the heroic deeds that they are in myth and legend, but at least you could count on people being, in the final analysis, wanting to be heroes. With these three games, that is lost completely.

Recommended Quests:

  • The quests for the Level Gear now supplant either of the suggestions below. After Royal gets old, it is all about Dungeon Gear. The latter has always been true, I suppose, since at least Twilight Temple, if not before.
  • Pretty much anything blue, up to about level 40, trailing off until about level 60. About 75% or more of the blue quests at those levels are worth doing, if only because many of the ones that suck amongst the 75% are in the general vicinity of FBs anyway. They often give items, which is nice, and they tend to be pretty easy. The exception to this is, as with regular quests, anything with the word 'hero' in it :) . At later levels, players will have to pick through the blue quests the same way as they do the white.
  • Everything on the Quest Gear page, at least for starting players below level 60. Most times they are better than what you can buy from regular vendors or find as drops

Chang's Story from Wang Tzu near Hou Jensi. Easy and fast
• Everything from the Boatman and the Young Widow on the Archosaur docks; the two NPCs are near each other; their quests lead to other NPCs that have good quests or are needed for good quests, including the Lochmur for the level 29 The Treasure III
Nightmares > The Werewolf from Little Yaoyun has the same target monster as Monsters Here from the Archosaur Elder; same work, twice the xp
Gold Finder- do not kill the Quillhog Enchanters for Little Boy Lai at the Mines straight away; wait until you get the cultivation quest Defeat the Invaders from General Summer, or vice versa.
• Level 27-Miss Ching's New Coat is almost as fast as Chang's Story
• The player may wish to follow General Summer's quest Sweep, and add to it the quests from the Celestial NPCs at Heaven's Tear that have the same three monsters as targets
Yansheng's Missing. Everyone needs Physical Defense. D
Tree Flute
Blade of Fire 42K xp @ L40 . Target locations close to some of those at the start of the Goshiki quest chain that begins at around the same level
• Goshiki quest chain. Huge rewards, long quest chain. Fairly elaborate story, with NPC followers 'joining the party' through the device of pop-up dialogue boxes

• Sixteen quests to kill Orchid Petalis Orchid Petali database entry

The Symbol of Identity- lot of travelling, but 32K at L30


O'Malley's Blessing

Symapthi- includes quests by level guide-link disabled by Arc

This game is an extended cheat, with codes to kill you when you aren't playing (AFK), and an obvious pay-to-win
That's not even unusual. I expect that from some games. The graphics and style and story made up for that.
But you at least expect a game to work. The Commission Shop just plain doesn't work. And people pay real life money to be listed.
I won't work for PWI any more. I will make notes for my own use, as I always have. But I will not contribute to any promotion of their utter incompetence and cynical opportunism.
The Commission Shop doesn't list G16 armor. It lists one Socket Stone but not another.

Faction Base Edit

The heart of the game that matters outside of making PWI money, the little factions, has been ripped out. People are angry and disheartened. PWI will continue to make money, of course; there are people who can still buy, who want to win. But any pretense of free play is gone.
I know both sides of this divide, and being able to level without effort from the Tree quest just makes me feel more sympathy for the people who cannot. Being just as able and willing to work hard to do quests with both, characters who can get into Base and ones who cannot, makes me certain that the bar has been set too high. Arc is evil. But PWI is now evil too. I will always oppose evil and will never aid it.

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