Blacksmith merchants sell weapons, adequate ones without bonuses. However, better, one-star player made weapons are often sold at the Auction House for the same price, and two or three-star weapons with much larger bonuses are often quite affordable also.

Quests only rarely give equipment awards, but the few that do are especially worth looking out for. The weapons awarded are always at least one-star weapons with bonuses.

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The Supply Stash is somewhat notorious for being a 'double-edged sword': the costs, particularly the cost of an inventory slot, may not be found to be commensurate with the rewards. However, it is indisputable that the rewards can be most helpful to starting low level characters, and it is only later on, at level 50 and above, that the cost of a Boutique-only Perfect Iron Hammer, which basically costs real-life dollars or Deutschmarks, etc, will become a problem, albeit a real-life one. As far as weapons go, the General Summer weapons at 50 are the last to be obtained from the Supply Stash, so it may be more worth the money to (eventually) gain an extra inventory slot back than a weapon which will become obsolete in 5 or 10 levels.

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